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Hygienists helping students succeed

You have spent the last several years giving all your time and energy to the goal of entering an allied health profession. As you near the end of  your formal education, all of you will need to prepare for board exams. Board exams are never easy, but we hope with our live competitions and  future virtual competitions, we can help you enjoy hitting the books like never before! 

We work with an elite group of dental companies to help bring you this gamification of dental hygiene knowledge at little to no cost. It is 5 rounds of nearly 400 questions ranging from core sciences to dental hygiene process of care to ethics and research. There is nothing better than having an auditorium full of students, faculty and community RDHs helping to shape tomorrow's professionals. 

Here is our 2019 Lineup of FREE Events!

State College of Florida 2/2

Charleston, WV  2/15 

Maryland and DC  3/2

Virginia  3/16

New England Regional - 3/23

California - 3/30

Philadelphia Regional- NJ/DE/Philly   4/13

We are finalizing locations -

More information will be available in November 2018. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a competition in your state.  boardgamesllc@gmail.com


This video is a synopsis of a Competition in Maryland 2017

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Students love it!



And the faculty, too!



Interested in having It's Hygienic in your area?

Contact DH Programs

Contact the Dental Hygiene Programs in your area to gauge interest. We can do games with 3-9 schools participating. 

Find a Host School or add us to your Event

Having a centrally located program that is willing to co-host the event is essential to keeping the cost down. Using a large lecture hall or banquet room is usually best. 

Contact Us

We are happy to make arrangements with the schools that wish to participate and those who are willing to host. If you get to this stage, I will take over the coordination. boardgamesllc@gmail.com

Now the Challenge

Finding sponsorship is the most important part of a FREE competition.  We do our best to make this painless, but we welcome any recommendation you may have to work with companies that you have a good relationship with.

Share the big news

With the site, the teams and the sponsors in place we are ready to spread the word using social media like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and even paper fliers to promote the event.


How are questions chosen? We use multiple sources to form our questions, taking special care to ensure that we are representing the published categories of the NBDHE

How are the staff qualified?  We at It's Hygienic have a wide range of teaching experience in both clinical and didactic dental hygiene.

How is this different from a formal board review? This is a fun, lively, single day event that has students engaged in a gamification of all things dental hygiene.


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Host School Specs (docx)


Registration for IH 2018 (pdf)


Planning for Fall 2018-Spring 2019

No upcoming events.

Please Contact Us to see when we will be near you!