Our Story


 In 2015 Board Games was created by two good friends who have a passion for education and preventive dentistry. Maura Ordovensky and Bianca Harris became close friends in 1997 while attending the University of Maryland where they earned their baccalaureate degrees in Dental Hygiene in 1999. Bianca went on to earn her Masters of Science degree from UMB Graduate School in 2005 with a focus on education. Maura took on several clinical positions including one at the Spanish Catholic Center where she served as a clinical preceptor for students interested in public health. Both Maura and Bianca have taught didactic and clinical dental hygiene courses for several years. Along with teaching dental hygiene courses, they have provided continuing education courses in educational and professional settings. Their passion for the profession of dental hygiene education lead them to create this innovative competition to challenge a students' knowledge while providing a fun and team building environment. 

Our Dedicated Team!

Maura Ordovensky, RDH, BS


Bianca Harris, RDH, MS


Kylie Ordovensky, RDH


Taryn Carter



Janet Weber, RDH, MEd


Jennifer Filcheck, CDA, COA, CSA


Nancy Cherner, RDH, MS