It's Hygienic New England

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University of Bridgeport, Fones School of Dental Hygiene

Charles Dana Hall 

March 23, 2019


 University of Bridgeport : Blue and White Teams

Goodwin: Teal and Purple Team

Tunxis: Pink Team- Chlorhexi-Queens

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The audience is encouraged to study along with the teams!

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Our wonderful corporate friends bring you wisdom and free goodies in addition to funding a scholarship.

Scholarship app extended due 2/21


call Maura if you have any questions 443-285-2921

Level 2 Corporate


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Level 2 allows your company representative one on one interaction with all the students and faculty in attendance. We also advertise your involvement through social media and on FREE team shirts. This year our vendors will play a mock "folly" round with the faculty.

Lunch is provided for one representative.